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One of the most difficult things law enforcers are faced with in the course of their work is finding evidence of crimes committed by suspected criminals and detecting illegal activities committed by people who are supposed to be respectable. Law enforcement involves not only apprehending identified criminals and putting them behind bars but also making sure that the laws are observed by dissuading people from committing illegal activities.  Discouraging people from dealing in contraband is a good example of the latter.  Learn more about tire scope, go here.


Dealing in contraband is bad enough even when it's only involves products that are actually safe to use. At the most, it can only result to companies losing money which always have a chance of being recovered later on.  It becomes a real menace to the society when it involves goods that are really dangerous such as drugs, deadly weapons, etc.... 


The best way to discourage people from dealing in contraband is to show that they can't get away with it, that eventually they'd get caught and get the punishment they deserve for breaking the law.  There is no other time ever when law enforcers are more effective at their jobs than now. They are benefitting  from  the accumulated experiences  of  past law  enforces  as well as modern  technology  that makes  police search much  easier and  more effective. This gives would be law breakers second thoughts knowing that the chance of getting caught is great. 


Smugglers, drug dealers are nothing but clever.  They have ways to insert contraband in packages and crates to pass inspection in ports. They hide drugs in tires, vehicle gas tanks and even swallow drugs to avoid detection. But that was before manufacturers have come up with high tech search equipment to help the police, border patrols and custom officers.   An endoscope can easily detect drugs in the body and a borescope can be easily inserted in packages to provide clear image of their contents. 


Perhaps the equipment that is most useful for police detection efforts is the law enforcement videoscope. It is effective for gas tank inspections, drug searches, IED bomb detection, vehicle identification number (VIN) search, forensic evidence collection and cargo inspection. Even more important it can be used onboard sea vessels. 


There are other equipment designed to improve performance of law enforcement agencies. With them, there great chance that incidence of smuggling and drug dealing will be drastically reduced.